Thursday, August 12, 2010

Unlock @TELUS HTC Desire using Rogers SIM card: how to. APN settings. @RogersHelps @RogersBuzz

Here's what worked for me:

1. Get the IMEI code from your new phone after you charge it all the way.  You get this by entering *#06# into the dialer.

2. Get the SIM card unlock code for the HTC Desire from a reputable internet seller. They will need your IMEI. 
I used and they were very good.

3. Put your Rogers SIM card in the Telus Desire, put in the battery and restart your phone.

4. The Desire will prompt you for the 8 digit SIM unlock code when you try to use it. Enter it.
Now half of it should be working - you should have talk and text.  The top right will show how many
bars of signal you have. 

5. You will still need to get your data access point connected --

6. On the Desire, make sure Network Mode is set for WCDMA only, or GSM/WCDMA (which is the default).  
You will not get data on GSM only. [Go figure.]

7. Enter your new access point name (APN) and settings:
302 (should already be filled in)
either 720 or 72 depending on your SIM card (should already be filled in)

Leave all other settings blank.

8. Save your new access point name.

9. Try playing with the browser, search or Market.  You should see the up and down arrows in the top right corner and now have data too.


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