Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Advanced Search of the Electronic Medical Record: Augmenting Safety and Efficiency in Radiology

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"The design principles for the proposed
system included (1) the ability to facilitate nearly instan-
taneous, time-of-service queries of a patient’s entire med-
ical record, on the basis of a clinician’s clinical inference
(eg, “I wonder if condition X is mentioned in this pa-
tient’s record”); (2) the ability to store complex, struc-
tured queries and activate these automatically on the
basis of clinical service schedule or care unit census; (3)
the ability to rapidly filter a patient’s entire EMR data set
to a topic-specified or situation-specified dossier (subset);
and (4) the ability to transmit the output of search either
to readable forms (Web browser) or other software (ma-
chine-to-machine integration).
The result of these efforts is a system dubbed QPID
(Queriable Patient Inference Dossier), now in use daily
in our department."

Zallis and Harris, J Am Coll Radiol 2010

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