Friday, December 31, 2010

Books I read, 2010

I was able to put a decent dent in the ever-growing "to read" pile over the last year.  ALL of these are worth reading at least once, many of them would bear a second reading (esp. Borges, Murakami, Gibson, Beukes, Bolano, Tatsumi).  Zero History was read mostly on my phone, as were parts of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.  

MAKERS                             Cory Doctorow

The Savage Detectives         Roberto Bolano
Zoo City                               Lauren Beukes
Zero History                         William Gibson
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle   Haruki Murakami
Marshall McLuhan                 Douglas Coupland
Labyrinths (first half)             Jorge L. Borges  
Black Blizzard                      Yoshihiro Tatsumi
A Drifting Life                       Yoshihiro Tatsumi
The Paradox of Choice          Barry Schwartz

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