Friday, November 5, 2010

T. Kato on Epigenetics of bipolar disorder #ASHG2010 notes

Epigenetics of Bipolar disorder
T. Kato

Previous association studies:
Ferreira et al Nat Genet 2008
PBRM1 Nat Genet 2010
GABA A R alpha 1

MZ discordance for bipolar disorder:
1. Point mustation
2. CNV
3. mosaicism

Methods - unbiased approach RED, RAPD, RDA, MS-RDA
Two pairs MZ twins discordant for bipolar disorder
488K CNV
MBD2B MBD3L1 conjugated beads Active Motif
Tiling arrays

Promoter wide DNA methylation analysis p<10^-4 by MAT
Bisulfite sequencing of 13 regions overlapping with CpG island to validate; refined p<10^-6 
HTTLPR DMR upstream 25,590,000(?correct location -- nocx not sure about this position) -- seen in ss genotype only
Beach 2010, van  IJzendoorn Biol Psy 2010
Philibert group 2010 SLC6A4 papers
see also poster 2527W Hiroko Sugawara

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